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Why the focus on women?

Women & PublishingPosted by Olivia King-Boateng Mon, March 07, 2016 18:23:11

Excelsya is women centric for 3 simple reasons:

1. Women are different from men not just because their bodies are different but also mostly in their different attributes and perspectives on a variety of topics including business. Their different perspective is an important contribution to the business world. Women themselves, need to recognise their contribution.

2. This is quite simply niche-marketing, except this niche is growing in enormous potential, especially in the largest market segment - mums in business or mumpreneurs.

3. It is generally accepted that there is a large gender gap in the number of women business owners to men. This gap varies around the globe but in social enterprise, the gap is much narrower. This is a global issue, many governments around the world see potential benefits to their economies, when more women are enabled to contribute financially.

The billionaire author J K Rowling, the writer of all those Harry Potter books (which sporned films and a theme park!) was a struggling single mother living on benefits. She took to pen and paper to try to carve out a future for her daughter and herself.

J K Rowling used a literary agent to get her book published. Today, with technological advances in publishing, anyone can become a publisher of their own work.

Come with us on the journey and we will explore the difference between the two- the pros and cons of do-it-yourself publishing.