Excelsya is women centric for 3 simple reasons:

1. Women are different from men not just because their bodies are different but also mostly in their different attributes and perspectives on a variety of topics including business. Their different perspective is an important contribution to the business world. Women themselves, need to recognise their contribution.

2. This is quite simply niche-marketing, except this niche is growing in enormous potential, especially in the largest market segment - mums in business or mumpreneurs.

3. It is generally accepted that there is a large gender gap in the number of women business owners to men. This gap varies around the globe but in social enterprise, the gap is much narrower. This is a global issue, many governments around the world see potential benefits to their economies, when more women are enabled to contribute financially.

Business books written by entrepreneurs are the ultimate source of inspiration. Those written by female entrepreneurs give further insight to how different a woman's perspective and journey to success came about. Mumpreneur business writers help us further understand how to juggle it all with a young growing family.